3 Responses to “Miniature WWII Souvenir Panties”

  1. Allee Willis

    I’m crazy about these! I especially love how stained the crotch seems to be. Those miniature girlfriends must have seen a lot of action.

    I do really love when travel souvenirs are really unique to the area they promote as opposed to little wooden boxes and the like that could be from anywhere if the name of a location wasn’t stamped on them,

    Do you have any of the packing this came in?

  2. Rusty Blazenhoff

    Yes, the decision to use pink satin on the legs created an unintentional ‘staining’ in an inappropriate area.

    I have a bunch of souvenir greeting cards (Wish you were here! kind of things) that are great fun…they put a stamp (From Beautiful San Francisco!) in the correct box on the front. Wrong ink color, totally obvious.

    There was no packaging. Found in a chest of drawers (no pun intended).

    And I believe one horny (hunter) sailor must get permission from the owning of panties (the one with the girl supposedly) sailor.