3 Responses to ““Glamour made easy by using TEAZIE WEAZIE” (vintage advert of soapless powder shampoo)”

  1. Allee Willis

    Why do you think it’s actor George Brent? It doesn’t say it anywhere. If anything, it’s actress George Brent. And, at the bottom of the ad, doesn;t it id him as “Raymond, Mr. Teazie Weazie”?

    Teazie Weazie is a dumb name for a hair care product… unless it’s a dipilitory. Sounds too much like tweezing.

    This must have been the forerunner of Minipoo.

  2. denny

    Yes, but I’m a fan of George Brent’s films and couldn’t help notice how it looked like him. I’m sure Raymond would be flattered.

    I love minipoo!