Foo Foo Kitty Meets Kung Fu

Submitted by Martha Paterson February 19th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

Foo Foo was seen through a window while on vacation in Idyllwild, CA, a small mountain community in the suburbs of LA. She called to me with her firey flowers and stellar whiskers.  She knew I was her ticket out of that small little town to the big city. She meet Kung Fu boy on the windowsill in a Burbank Office building and now together they are kickin booty.

5 Responses to “Foo Foo Kitty Meets Kung Fu”

  1. Allee Willis

    This piece is insane! From the ceramic chunk-tipped whiskers to the rose emblazoned thighs to that exploding floral back – if only that on were a candle holder – this thing purrs like the kitschy pussy that it is. And I love little Foo Foo ready to defend his little kitty against anyone who attempts to deflower her. This is definitely an eyefull!!

  2. Martha Paterson

    I think young Kung Fu has seen the sweep of Foo Foo’s tail before as he is leaning back looking ready to either duck or grab for it. I am Glad I can share her smile with you. It is contagious, isn’t it?