12 Responses to “Shave The Baby”

  1. Kyle Dayton

    This is unbelievable! I wonder if they made it with a little baby razor blade, too. (Reminds me of that old Saturday Night Live skit with Dan Aykroyd selling toys [“…It retails for $1.98, and it’s called Bag O’ Glass…”])

    I can’t even imagine what was going through the manufacturer’s mind when they created this.

  2. denny

    I mean really, a baby with hairy ankles and armpits? This is pretty nuts and I can’t stop laughing over this post!

    Good eye Oscar!!

  3. windupkitty

    wow. has this been posted before? i feel like i’vee seen it…should i admit that publicly!? i do love the box with the pics of hair clippings all over it…i’m not sure what freaks me out more: the fact that this exists or the placement of the hair…i hope i never have hair suspenders……

  4. oscar

    Thanks :) I posted another bizarre doll (that I actually own) several months ago. She’s called Sassy and is supposed to stick out her weird parakeet tongue when you squeeze.

  5. Nessa

    I have seen this thing before and I haven’t heard any info about it ever being SOLD somewhere, so maybe it’s some sort of a joke.. it’s crazy either way!