Earring Magic Ken

Submitted by Jaymes Mansfield February 23rd, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

One of my best friends introduced me to what has  to be the most absolutely fabulous product Mattel has ever released. He went down as the highest selling Ken doll in history due to his keen fashion sense no doubt.  Being a gay man I know a queen when I see one, and I have no doubt about Earring Magic Ken. After doing some research on the doll(or rather I wikipedia-ed and Googled a bit) poor Ken was recalled despite his record selling numbers. He did however open the doors for other gay themed dolls such as the Gay Billy Doll. My friend was kind enough to let me takes some pics of Earring Magic Ken. And boy he is magical alright.

Note the bitchin’ highlights in his hair! He is wearing a very shiny lilac vest with a matching  sheer shirt and medallion. He also has an earing and comes with one for you to wear also!

His pants really get me every time they have pink stitching, and note the black shoes with no socks!

The back of his box where you can see his “Girlfriends”.

11 Responses to “Earring Magic Ken”

  1. Allee Willis

    Easily one of the best named dolls ever!

    I can’t believe how blatant and stereotyped Mattel was with Earring Magic K. I love throwing the photo in of the other Earring Magic dolls, as if that would lessen the stereotype.

    His hair is masterful. His jewels are awesome. Only outdone by his lavender with pink stitching vest. Love his little loafers with no socks too.

    Was there an official reason for why this was taken off the market?

    • Jaymes Mansfield

      It’s rather murky as to why he was pulled. The biggest reasoning I could find was conservative groups felt the doll was too offensive for children(and Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader isn’t? Just sayin’.). I think he’s a rather fun doll if you ask me.

    • Nessa

      I bought an Earring Magic Ken when he came out and I recall there was a lot of controversy around the doll, with conservative groups saying he was encouraging immorality or something ridiculous.

  2. Michael Ely

    Let’s face it, Ken dolls were neither straight or gay dolls, rather they were more like eunuch dolls. I have wanted to share my Billy Doll (or Billy’s boyfriend doll, Carlos) on this site, but don’t think everyone would be able to handle his parts (there’s a pun in there somewhere).