3 Responses to “Fluffart 2A”

  1. Allee Willis

    Fluff is art in and of itself. I only wish that Andy Warhol was eating Fluff when he did his art. Maybe he was. I’m friends with several Factory regulars like Holly Woodlawn and Mary Woronov, both of whom I’ve seen consume Fluff at my parties.

    I would love to see Fluff as a Modigliani. An inch wide jar that’s 20 inches tall.

  2. Iamfluff

    Oh yes. Ideas are always welcome! My choices have been a little strange because these things were all done for Myspace opening pages and intended to be like magazine covers rather than works of art. I actually did do a long neck bottle of Fluff but that was for a fake ad for “Fluff Juice”. I really wish I could have both worlds, the creative format of Myspace with the popularity of Facebook. Call it Myface. Then I could say “Friend me on myface” and “We met on Myface” and “I spend too much time on Myface” etc…