Please don’t flush!

Submitted by Gilles Snowcat February 24th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

Found in a small shop lost in a small street of Sài Gòn, Việt Nam, comes this cute made-in-China toilet with a surprise named Hello Kitty.

I bet you’re dying to see this toilet moving. Does the cute cat (a swimming Hello Kitty) really shake her head?

Well, I made a short video for you:

Asia is the home of cute, therefore a goldmine for you fans of AWMOK.

PS: Hey… don’t flush it!

13 Responses to “Please don’t flush!”

  1. Allee Willis

    ‘A’ for effort with your demonstration video! Excellent music score for subject as well.

    I’ve never seen Hello Kitty sunk in a toilet before. Is that special for Vietnam? It is a nice little case for her though. She looks very cute peeking out of the bowl.

    What are you doing in Vietnam? And, of course, would love to see more of the kitsch they have there…

    • Gilles Snowcat

      Thank you for falling under the charming power of our favorite Cat (and editing my lousy HTML code for the best).
      Vietnam provides some nice little things that would deserve their place in the Kitschenette, although the world’s best place is still Japan imho.
      When Japan creates kitsch with a stated goal (just check some big dolls welcoming people at some police stations or the way politicians have their kitsch image), Vietnam does it more by chance.
      I’m relaxing here and enjoying one of the best foods in the world. Now I thank the country for helping me to receive a Certifikitsch!
      Ok, time to take some more pics for you all…