My My My Poker Fluff

Submitted by Iamfluff February 24th, 2011
Certifikitsch WinnerClassique d Camembert

In keeping with my theme of painging Fluff in the style of the great masters, it seemed only natural and kischy to add a jar of Fluff to the classic scene of Dogs playing poker. What could be more classic? (Yes, I have done the MonaFluffer but it was lost in the great computer crash of 2008). So orignally I just plopped Fluff down in the middle of the scene.

But, I’m sorry just plopping a jar in the middle of somebody else’s painting is not good enough for me. I decided to rework the whole thing using cats. NO I do not like cats better. I just do cat rescue and tend to have a lot of them in my life. So here is the better(?) version that I just finished last night.

8 Responses to “My My My Poker Fluff”

  1. Allee Willis

    Love this!! Especially love how their little legs are positioned on the chairs. And their expressions are perfect. Though I’m sure they would all gag on Fluff but I hope the winner gets a jar.

    Love your choice of paintings on the wall. Sunday in the Park with Fluff. And the cats.

      • Allee Willis

        I have a lot of those faux tapestry wall hangings, though mostly of the JFK, RFK and MLK genre. Never could bring myself to buy the Jesus as a trucker one, good Jew that I am, but have eyed it for years.

        I was going to comment on the big gray cat because he looks just like my big, fat Sweet Potato. Always in control and always something up his sleeve.

  2. MeshuggaMel

    Brilliant! The cats’ expressions are great – I like how Mr. S. Potato is keeping an eye on the cat on the front right passing the card, while the card passer, who, for no apparent reason, reminds me of a cat I met once named Mr. Waffles, is looking over his shoulder in a very nonchalant manner.

    Continuing on my random tangent, I had the honor of meeting Mr. Waffles at Tiki Oasis, a rum-soaked convention in honor of all things faux Polynesian. His cohorts were a group who call themselves the Cult of the Eye who were sporting quite dashing fezzes. Which makes me wonder if it would be possible to make a Fluff fez. Does it ever come in a large enough tub to be headgear? Definitely a spoon for the tassle.

    • Iamfluff

      Mel, I must be as meshugga as you! We think too much alike!I have really wanted to go to Tiki Oasis because I am in love with all things Tiki. Cult of the eye sounds right up my alley and BOY do I love me a good fez!!! I was in Turkey a few years back and simply had to have one for myself. They have the extra long tassles there.
      I am all over the idea of a Fluff fez! Madatory chin straps and a spoon printed on long flowing fabric so everybody in the cult of Tluff can go like this:

      • Allee Willis

        Love the Swing Wing! Looks like the bottom of a toilet plunger with a cat toy attached on top.

        I may not have any Swing Wings but I have quite a lot of Fezes. All of them are highly jeweled and in original cases. Some normal maroon color and some white.