The Fluff Towel

Submitted by Rusty February 24th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

Years ago I was gifted a most awesome (I’m sure you’ll agree) Marshmallow Fluff beach towel. The Durkee-Mower company used to sell these on their website in the late 1990s. Now, it seems, they only sell their actual product line and mugs.

6 Responses to “The Fluff Towel”

  1. Iamfluff

    OMG this is just WONDERFUL! I have to get that company into making more Fluff Stuff! They really need to make little jar earrings, I have one somewhere that I made from a dollhouse miniature. My soul mate kitty (Sacha Baron Kitten) kind of ruined it because he used to nurse my ear and he slobbered on the label which was not printed in waterproof colors.

    And Allee that is a great idea – Fluffernutter sheets! Fitted sheet: Fluff, top sheet: Peanut butter and a nice bread comforter.