10 Responses to “Nancy Sinatra “How Does That Grab You?” LP”

  1. Allee Willis

    Although this LP doesn’t have the most classic pop record in history on it, “These Boots Were Made For Walking”, I love all the records Nancy Sinatra made with Lee Hazlewood, who wrote and produced almost all her tunes, including those on this LP.

    I got friendly with Nancy Sinatra for a quick minute in the 90’s. She came over literally the day I had to put one of my dogs to sleep. He rested on her boots – yes, she was wearing them – and then off to the vet for eternal sleep me and Orbit went. Nancy wrote me some incredibly comforting emails about Orbit as well as about her own traumas with her beloved pets. Although we lost contact I am forever grateful as she helped get me through an really hard time. And one of the last things Orbit saw on earth were the real boots! Not many pooches get a send-off like that.

  2. denny

    I love Nancy. Your commentary almost had me in tears Allee.

    SOme of my favorite Nancy songs: “Fridays Child”, “How Does That Grab ya Darlin'”, and “Last of the Secret Agents”…….

    Last time in LA I purchased the dvd “Movin’ With Nancy” and often watch it when I paint. BOING! Idea, idea…..I think I am going to paint Nancy Sinatra.

  3. windupkitty

    lovelovelove Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazelwood…I lOVE their version of Jackson…man, Lee Hazelwood had a great voice…I love playing nancy in my car….

  4. Michael Ely

    Who doesn’t like Nancy Sinatra?! She is one of a kind. I do love her cover of “Jackson,” although I must say I love the original Johnny and June version better.

    Allee, your story about Orbit made me think about how difficult it is to say goodbye to our animal babies and loved ones. As I’ve shared many times with others….The loss of each friend / family member/ beloved pet leaves a little hole in us that never goes away, so when you get to be my age, you feel like a piece of swiss cheese, but I am proud of all of those little holes because it means I have loved and been loved.