45rpm Record 8″ Dessert Plates

Submitted by HllywdChick March 10th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

I have new 3 sets of 4 porcelain plates (in boxes, one still with plastic wrap —  the decorative boxes are underneath the plates).

Does this qualify as kitsch?  This is my first submission, and though I read the “What is Kitsch” section, I’m not sure if these qualify or if they are just something I like (they are not vintage).

I’ve been out of work as an accountant/bkpr in the entertainment industry (know anybody who needs a “mature” worker for anything but income tax returns — whether it is P/T or Temp. I can work from my home or theirs, P&Ls a specialty!) for over 2 years, and I’m big-time broke so have to start selling my fun stuff  {{{sigh}}}……………

These plates have not been used, though I opened a couple of the boxes just to look at them.  Anybody want to buy?  I adore them, but sadly have to clean out my house, as I may have to move  (though I insist on a PURPLE shopping cart when the time comes to live under the Hwd Fwy!!)

Thanks for your help!!

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  1. Allee Willis

    Although these are new and I don’t collect new stuff like this I definitely think they still qualify as kitsch because they’re attempting to capitalize on pop culture. Besides they’re very cute! So great that you have a total of 12 of them.

    I hear you on being big-time broke. I spent the last of my disposable income on a project that ended up not coming out a few months ago so I’m scrimping along with everyone else. It’s a total drag but I know from the past that great reinventions can rise out of the ashes. So my best advice would be to view this as a totally cleansing time, getting rid of the old to make way for the new, and appreciating the great adventure you’re now on. A lot of us here at AWMOK are on that same conscious journey so you and your dessert plates are in the right place!

    If anyone’s interested in these plates definitely let HllywdChick know.

  2. HllywdChick

    Thanks, Allee, for the advice — it’s been so long since I worked that I do have a tendency to be despondent, but your words have encouraged me!
    I have lots more stuff — I’ll go take some pics now of my fun stuff (and some of it IS old!)

  3. Allee Willis

    Yes, chin up! This employment thing, especially for those who were in the music industry, is a bitch. It challenges every fiber of your being as it’s about basic survival. But the better the condition of your psyche the better it makes everything else feel.

    You should also check out selling at the silverlake art/ craft & vintage flea market on Sunset. Really hip folks have booths there. Great stuff, great people.
    http://www.facebook.com/pages/silverlake-art-craft-vintage/46296549849 I made a short film there about a year ago. You can see the vibe from that: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eP3yc19JerY

  4. HllywdChick

    LOL!! That’s how I discovered you — I’ve been a vendor there, and therefore I know Fiora and Ghettogloss.

    I sold my own handmade greeting cards, but didn’t do too well — people don’t seem to want those much anymore, since e-cards came along………….

    The prob with vending there with all my “stuff” is that I have to pay for the space and rent a truck to get merch & display tables there, and with no guarantee of $$$ in return. So I’m listing on craigslist (for breakable stuff) and eBay (for other memorabilia).
    Plus we’re having a garage sale on Sat, March 12 @ 3015 Ledgewood Drive (in Beachwood Canyson, above the village). And luckily, my husband, Stanley Howard, is showing his paintings at some exhibits right now (Long Beach Art Walk and Yorba Linda). here’s the info for anyone who is interested:

    LarkGallery Online and Affinity Galleries

    joined forces in series of events combining visual and performing arts

    to celebrate Spring Equinox.

    Celebrations of the Equinox

    *Opening Reception: Saturday March 12, 6 – 9 pm
    350 E. 3rd Street and 216 The Promenade, Long Beach.
    (We will be there)

    As a part of the LONG BEACH ART WALK the Fine Art shown in both locations is by Dan Pyle, Jeffrey Nemeroff, Randall Oldrieve, Al Vass, j.Reto, Kiki, Sel Sarkin, David Gardner, Michelle Oppenheimer, Lark, Michael Vebernec, William Haugse, Stanley Howard, William Emboden, Jelena,Ivan Butorac, Sallie-Anne Swift, Richard Madeira, Young Summers, Felice Willat, Ray Klausen.

    The opening at 216 Promenade will be enhanced by a live performance by SangomaBeat World Music. Enjoy Brazilian Bossa Novas and smooth Jazz Standards with vocalist Pashyo Sarkin accompanied by Rome on guitar, Marvin Bonds on saxophone, Joe Kohanski on bass and Sel Sarkin on percussions. With their laid back melodies and exotic grooves they deliver the perfect entertainment for music and art lovers.

    http://www.affinitygalleries.com and http://www.larkonlinegallery.com

    Theatrical Performance “Cavafy’s Caress”

    *Saturday, April 2nd, 2pm and 7pm
    216 The Promenade, Long Beach, CA

    Cavafy’s Caress is an intimate theatrical performance exploring the vibrant and passionate words and world of renowned Greek gay poet, Constantine P. Cavafy (1863-1933).

    The performance was created by and features Los Angeles based multimedia performing

    artist and writer, Jason Jenn. The show is approximately 1 hour in length and contains

    adult themes. Further information about tickets and more about Jason Jenn please go to http://www.HiveWorld.org

    Art and Music Reception

    at Artistic Voyage

    Sunday, April 3, Gallery opens 6:30pm, Concert 7:30pm
    at Messiah Lutheran Church in Yorba Linda,
    4861 Liverpool Street, Yorba Linda, CA 92886,


    French chevalier Tony Clark and LGO curator Larisa Pilinsky will lead through the gallery exhibition starting at 6.30 pm. This is an extension of our Celebration of Equinox and features the works of several outstanding contemporary international

    and local artists.

    The chamber music concert Windy Voyage performes works from Ludwig van Beethoven and Francis Poulenc. Musicians are Yana Reznik – piano, Janice Tipton – flute, Allan Vogel – oboe, Joshua Ranz – clarinet, Richard Beene – bassoon and Johanna Yarbrough – horn.

    For tickets please contact Matt Bagne at [email protected].

    Thanks again for the words of encouragement!!!!

  5. Allee Willis

    That’s funny! W ell, hopefully you will do greater your garage sale. I’m leaving to go speak on a panel at SXSW so unfortunately can’t stop by. But best of luck. I’ll be sending some green light your way!

      • Allee Willis

        “Indie Success: Caching in on Collaboration”
        Time: Tuesday March 15, 11:00AM
        Venue: Hilton, Salon C, 500 East 4th Street

        Since the web began we’ve been talking about artists having a career without a label and going directly to fans. We finally have examples of this working, so what does it look like? SXSW Veteran Heather Gold sits down with successful collaborating indie artists including: Allee Willis (September, Boogie Wonderland, The Color Purple, Theme from Friends, over 50 million albums sold), Mary Jo Pehl (Mystery Science Theatre 3000, RIfftrax, NPR) and Kenyatta Cheese (Know Your Meme, Rocketboom) The Net links almost every form of artistic making, so it makes sense that we’re in an era of increasing collaboration and creation in many forms. We’ll find out how limitations and openness serve them in an era of “personal brands” We’ll find out how they deal with rights, friendship and creating the best space in which to collaborate. We’ll also dig into their collaborative process in making social experiences, music, video and comedy and find out how they’ve succeeded creatively and in every other way.