7 Responses to “The Meters “Look-A Py Py” – lp”

  1. Allee Willis

    Killer afros from a killer group, from whence Aaron Neville sprung. I wasn’t fanatic for them as I was such a radio hit record fan and that alluded The meters desite their killer rep. But they indeed grew afros a plenty way down yonder in New Orleans.

  2. BRBill

    Actually Allee, Aaron(greatest voice in the universe!) was not in the Meters. The only Nevilles in the Meters were Art and youngest brother Cyril, who joined around 72-73. Leo Nocentelli, guitar, is the guy with the big fro. Behind him is Zigaboo Modeliste, the world’s funkiest drummer and from whom sprang the “one drop” used in the best reggae music. Zig rests his left arm on the world’s funkiest bass player, George Porter Jr, the bedrock of funk(George Matters! as a tshirt says). Lower right is Papa Funk himself Art Neville. This lp is from the late 60s-early 70s if i recall right and at the time they were a mostly instrumental band(they became more of a vocal band when Cyril joined). The back cover of this one is classic late60s-early70s stone soul clothes style. There’s an interesting story to the song Look-Ka Py Py also.

    • Allee Willis

      I phrased my thought wrong. I knew Aaron wasn’t in the Meters; I meant that he sprung from the same milieu.

      Thanks for separating the players out. Didn’t know who they were individually.

      Would love to know the story of Look-Ka Py Py.

      • BRBill

        Sure, it goes something along the lines of the guys were driving to a gig in maybe Atlanta. The van motor was having problems and making noises like “unkachee-uh, unkachee-ah”(which are used in the “vocals” for the song) so they started beating out rhythms to the noise in the van and had a song by the time they got to the gig. I guess inspiration for songs comes from whereever you can find it.
        More recommended listening along the Neville’s line: The Wild Tchoupitoulas wherein all 4 Neville Brothers and the Meters band back up their uncle George Landry, aka Big Chief Jolly, Big Chief of the Wild Tchops.