2 Responses to “Swanson ENTREE English Style Fish ‘n’ Chips”

  1. Allee Willis

    Though I was strictly a fried chicken, mashed potatoes and corn or Salisbury steak kinda gal when I was consuming Swanson’s tv dinners as a kid (which I did EVERY night) this was about the only fish anyone could get me to eat as a kid. Fish sticks, preferably Mrs. Paul’s, were most preferable but Swanson’s was always next in line as far as seafaring creatures were concerned.

    How gorgeous is that box?!

  2. denny

    The colors here are pretty amazing. I still remember having to wait for this little tray of goodness to take so long in the oven. It was always worth the wait. Mom didn’t buy the fish entrees when we were kids, it was always chicken or the salisbury steak in my house too.