10 Responses to “Walking Turn-Un”

  1. Allee Willis

    Oh yeah, we LOVE this level of fashion here at AWMOK!!

    “The Big Zip” is such an excellent product name for this.

    I love the use of “because one is enough”. Though I don’t think the original intention of that phrase was meant to be linked to polyester jumpsuits. Also love it “fits so tight it shows all you got”. Would have loved to have been at those model auditions to see all the potential “walking turn-ons”.

    • BeeJay

      “Fits so tight shows all you´ve got”. Maybe it´s his pose, but I didn´t see THAT much, to be honest! :))
      I prefer men with only one ding-dong anyway, haha!

  2. Allee Willis

    Okay, I’ve retroactively given this AWMOK’s highest honor, the Classique d’ Camembert. As someone who started out writing advertising copy before I became a songwriter, I have to give the person who wrote the text their due props!!!

  3. Billaurie

    I’m gurgling in my own spit as I’m laugh-crying at the ad, then I read the comments and flat-a$$-out drown myself.