2 Responses to “Bobby Vee Video: “The Night Has A Thousand Eyes””

  1. Allee Willis

    It’s soooo authentic! I had SUCH a crush on Bobby Vee. And LOVVVED this song.

    Have you seen other Scopitones? They’re all beyond fantastic, all made for middle-class consumption yet all with a hint of raciness. And always with unbelievable vibrant color. http://scopitones.blogs.com/

    I love how the three guys on a motorcycle at :21 are riding about 1 mile an hour. The fakeness of everything is wonderful.

    Speedo’s were really big in go-go movies. I love how they put clean cut Bobby in loose fitting madras bermudas.

    The use of the female bodies starting at 1:41 is so Iame as to be kitsch brilliance.

  2. Douglas Wood

    I love everything about this, and it actually keeps getting better the longer you watch it. The occasional over-the-top moments (the frenetic dancer in the blue speedo, the chick on the bike who goes full spread-eagle, the other chick adorned with jungle vines) push it from good kitsch to spectacular.