I saw the sign! A fabulous trip through my neighborhood!

Submitted by Jaymes Mansfield March 20th, 2011
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I finally convinced my older brother to take me for a drive around my neighborhood to document some of the many fine establishments. Here are a few of my favorites.

There’s some odd fascination with combining religion and child development. I personally am for this because the results are simply divoon!

Oddly enough this one also is a Christian based dare care center. Check out the bitchin’ building decor.

Of course daycare centers aren’t the only places around my neighborhood that apply this theme. This one baffles me. It’s a restaurant…. With a religious theme.

The local dry cleaners.

Now to take a break from the religious themes to some of my fav kitsch hole in the wall places! This next one sounds like it would be a  place for suit tailoring, but it is a pork restaurant.

This is my favorite place in the world! Honestly the name says it all! I hope to do a in-depth tour of it when I get the time. Some of the things these ladies can do with acrylic nails is mind boggling!

Who says that rap music isn’t influential? This is a triumph I tell you!

I figured it was best to leave you with yet another daycare center. This one is so damn bizarre I will just leave you all to draw your own conclusions.

4 Responses to “I saw the sign! A fabulous trip through my neighborhood!”

  1. Allee Willis

    Love the combo New Holy Ghost Tabernacle/Daycare Center. I love that Day Care is two words.

    As a child, I would not want the word “Ghost” anywhere around me.

    Gods’ Kids R Us is insane. Talk about religion co-opting pop culture…

    The name Little Bossy One Stop kills me. Whoever came up with a name that crosses a bratty child with a convenience store knows what they’re doing! And I love the copyright free use of Mickey and Minnie.
    And, did you mean to say ‘dare care center’ or daycare center? I suppose either are appropriate.

    Two Fish Five Loaves restaurant is brilliant. Please, please, please have a meal there and photograph the interior ( and the loaves).

    I could deal with the name Heaven Sent for a dry cleaners being kind of normal but given the context of the town that you’ve given us here it makes it so much better. Though I think they could have gone a step farther as a dry cleaners who are supposedly making your clothes clean and fresh smelling and named it Heaven Scent.

    I would kill to eat at A Soulful Strut. This is another place I hope you choose to enjoy a delicious slab of pork at soon as I’m hoping for a very promising interior. Also, “Soulful Strut” by Ramsey Lewis is just about my favorite instrumental record ever cut.

    I’m in a coma over Cold Azz Nailz. Names Like that killz me. And I really love the cheap, flat as a pancake sign glued onto the shingles.

    I always love when the mainstream attempts to hop on to something they think will make them hip, or in this case, hip-hop. So wrong. But if I can get a three dollar nacho plate I’d consider buying a phone here.

    What can I say about Futuristic Child Development that you haven’t already implied? That photorealistic mural of the kids sitting on a fiery earth, or is that a bowling ball, with the little black child left with nothing to sit on and then the older children doing whatever ritualistic dance they’re doing, none of which has anything to do with the future, would make this the last place in town, a town with obviously an overabundance of day care centers, I would drop my child off at.

    Now, the one thing we don’t know is what town you live in. If there are more things this good there it sounds like we need a field trip there!

    • Jaymes Mansfield

      Haha I did mean daycare, I was overwhelmed needless to say. The city I live in is Milwaukee WI. Or the poor man’s Chicago. I was kinda shocked at how many great places there were, Futuristic Child Development I had discovered that day. I love it because it’s in a building that so obviously was a bar or deli at one point.

      Two Fish Five Loaves makes some pretty mean corned beef to go along with some very mean service, it occupies what used to be a Carl’s Jr and you can still see some of it in the architecture. Sad to say you do not get five loaves when you order their fish meal, what a jip!

      There are so many other fabulous daycare centers I didn’t get a chance to snap cause my brother drives too damn fast. :P Names like Benevolent Child Care(used to be the corner pub), and New Leaders of the World Child Care(once a head shop).

  2. BeeJay

    Love the “New Holy Ghost Tabernacle” sign with Ernie below. All pics made me laugh, just hilarious! I also wanna see that restaurant from the inside!