Handmade CLOWN Doll

Submitted by denny March 22nd, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

I found this handmade clown doll at the dump.  The torso part of the clown is made with a piece of a 2×4 piece of wood.  The arms are made of wooden sticks.  The last picture in this post is of the hands.

7 Responses to “Handmade CLOWN Doll”

  1. Allee Willis

    I allways love when dolls are made out of socks. Also when their limbs are just left to hang there, nothing filling them out, just lean and mean basic construction. Those feet are pretty exceptional too. What’s that extra fabric attached on them and the hands? It looks like one of those little cloths to clean your glasses with. Love the use of elastic hair bands to hold them on.

  2. shirlie williams

    I like the way his eyes are so far apart. Karl and I went to the dump on Sunday to take garden rubbish, I had to escape to have a browse, as usual he gave his instructions not to bring anything back, there was nothing of interest that day anyway..

  3. BeeJay

    I count to those kind people who have strange feelings about clowns, but this one I must admit is cute.
    I once had an Ebay shop for Voodoo supplies and sold some handmade dolls I once ordered in New Orleans, they looked a lot like that. Who knows what that Clowny is doin´to you, Den-den! Haha!