13 Responses to “Dog Emerges from Pineapple”

  1. Allee Willis

    I collect a lot of anthropomorphic food figurines like this but I have never seen a dog merging from a pineapple before! How out there is that?! And how perfect for AWMOK.

    Do you collect these?

  2. samseptic

    I have long collected schlock. Buried in it. Will send a few pics at a time so as not to overwhelm. The Pineapple is a stand alone piece of fine decor…about 8″ tall. I do have a salt shaker w/o the escaping dog that looks like the same pineapple. No idea where the dog came from. Or why.

  3. Allee Willis

    So exciting to hear the you have long collected schlock!! Don’t worry about overwhelming me. That will never happen. Though I will say to only do one item per post. You can have as many photos of it in there as you want but please make separate posts for separate items.

    I can’t believe that the pineapple is as large as it is! And freestanding! I was envisioning a tiny little wall hanging.

    • samseptic

      I have often pondered the chain of events that led from the idea phase to the purchase. Someone approved the design, created it, produced it, marketed it, wholesaled it retailed it. Amazing.

      • missmoppetkitty

        I think about those things way too much, and of graphic designers taking lots of hallucinogenic drugs. Still, I am trying to reason it out. Puppy pineapple? Dog pineapple? There is a cocktail in an old bartender’s guide I have with a drink in it called “the pink pussycat” that contains pineapple juice. I wonder if there is a drink with dog or puppy in the name that has pineapple juice. Somehow, I suspect alcohol is to blame, or is at least involved.