Bernard in the Boudoir Shop

Submitted by shirlie williams March 23rd, 2011
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This is my dad Bernard, we took him to a local shop ‘Deadly is the Female’ a burlesque style shop, the dog is Gomez the owners Chinese Crested Dog. Dad made himself at home, and greeted everyone who entered with the comment ‘I come free with every purchase’ . He had been ill for some time, and is now recovered and this was his first visit for sometime. He was quite happy among the slinky shoes and masses of frilly underwear.

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  1. Allee Willis

    Happy to hear that your dad is feeling better and is out and about. It probably perked him up to be in that kind of store! ‘I come free with every purchase’ is something my own father would have said and made himself quite popular indeed!

    Love Gomez, especially as he’s Chinese, which makes no sense with his name at all. I just saw one of his breed in person a few weeks ago for the first time. Some people get freaked out by them but I could really love a dog like this.

    Did you buy any of those shoes?

  2. denny

    Your Pop is a peach! Send him a big hello for me.

    I hope you didn’t buy your Pop any panties in that store. He looks too comfy! :)

    That pooch is a doll.

  3. shirlie williams

    Gomez is so cute, I believe he ate a whole cooked chicken a few weeks back ,bones and all and had to have an operation… He is adorable, he feels rather strange the first time you pick him , your hand rather sticks to him but you soon get used to the feeling.
    Yes dad rather likes to chat up the ladies, the owner has a great sense of humour so we got down to the inportant stuff, I purchased a pair of black velvet daughter got a pair with werewolves on them ! I must get Wendy to post them..

  4. BeeJay

    What a sweet post and how cute your Dad is. I bet he enjoyed his visit in that shop. Happy to hear he feels better, my own father became very ill three months ago, so I can relate to this. All the best to your Paps!

  5. shirlie williams

    Thanks everyone, and BeeJay ,I hope your dad is making a recovery, its a worrying time. I will pass on your ‘Hello’ Denny, he has already seen pics of your pooches, dad had a black lab called Bags who was the love of his life, and spoilt rotten.

    We did not buy him anything and he was under strict instructions not to touch anything, he thinks being older makes it ok to be light fingered !! he never buys anything without bartering first and usually wins ….