7 Responses to “Merry GO ‘ROUND”

  1. shirlie williams

    Thats an extravagant merry go round Pigmy, you should be up there with them and have oreos and ice cream afterwards..

  2. Michael Ely

    The last time I rode on one of these was in 1974 at the Texas State Fair (don’t ask me what I was doing there). It was at night and it was all lit up in colors, and I remember as we were whirling around they were blasting the Bowie song “Rebel, Rebel.” The whole thing seemed surreal.

  3. Pigmy Will

    REbel rebel is an unsusual song for a Merry Go Round, but I would take whatever I get on the Marry Go round. I like this on because the chairs fly outward. I’m used to the ones where you ride horses and they go up and down. I’m sure to ride this one BEFORE OREOS AND ICECREAM.

  4. BRBill

    Last year at Jazz Fest in New Orleans, one of the acts was Chouval Bwa from Martinique. A chouval bwa is a hand pushed merry go round. They would load up folks, a couple of guys would give a really good push, the live band would play in the middle(they also had a stage act) and everyone would have a good ride. I passed on the ride, i’d get dizzy just looking at it and those guys were pushing fast. Maybe i should submit the chouval bwa.