9 Responses to “Mosaic Zodiac Table”

  1. missmoppetkitty

    I’m “jealous” as well, since this is not my table, but that of a lady I’m cat sitting for. I have pressed her for more information concerning the table, such as the year it was made, and whatever else she can recall.
    If nothing else, we can use it for inspiration in our own projects as well as online eye candy. I doubt this lady would ever be willing to part with it. Note how she has a love seat with a concave front just to accommodate the table!
    She has a sprawling mid century ranch home that suits this table very well, although I’m hoping to talk her into yanking out that nasty carpeting so the gorgeous white pebble pattern vintage linoleum underneath can be exposed.
    Thanks for the rewards, I will get measurements on it later.
    I had mixed feelings about posting it as kitsch, since it seems that a good deal of effort and creativity went into it, and as far as I know, it was a one of a kind piece, and not the result of a kit. But, the fact that it is a mosaic table phenomenon, plus the Zodiac theme make it pretty unavoidably kitsch in the best possible way. I will truly enjoy my time basking in its glory.

    • Allee Willis

      There’s a lot of stuff here at AWMOK that doesn’t fit the classic definition of kitsch. We also glorify all that is fantastic about modern design and the best of crafting, and this table pins the meter on both of those.

      • missmoppetkitty

        I know exactly what you mean, being a crafter as well as a collector. I thoroughly enjoy everything kitschrific, be it old or new, mass produced or carefully hand made. I hate pretentiousness and “class,” neutral, boring, utilitarian plainness and I glory in the loud.
        I’ll get that measurement for you later, I had to go home to care for my own animals, but will be back there tonight.