Oops, I thought I’d be back in action….

Submitted by Allee Willis April 11th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

My intentions were good. I was gonna wake up and spring back into action as I haven’t blogged regularly in over a week but my body still feels like it’s broken into 13 million pieces and I need a recuperation day from one of the greatest weeks in my life in Detroit. My spirits are HIGH, like being powered by a hemi engine,  but I need time to decompress, not to mention unpack my six suitcases, go through the thousands of photos that were taken, begin transferring the close to 75 videotapes that were amassed, and somehow attempt to get back to my everyday life of music and mayhem in Los Angeles. So give me 24 and I hope to be back with something…

One Response to “Oops, I thought I’d be back in action….”

  1. denny

    It sure was hard to sit through class today when all I wanted to do was go through my photos and start posting.

    This was hands down one of the best weekends ever!

    Deep breath, deep breath…..