4 Responses to “Every girl wants a magic shower cap!”

  1. windupkitty

    hahahaah wow. shower caps are running joke between my good friends stacey tamm and i….i can’t remember how it started…something about stacey worrying about her weave in the rain (diva!) ….but for my birthday last year, stace took me on a surprise event night and we picked up tamm on a downtown sf street corner along the way (yeah, that’s like it sounds) on the way…stace and i decided to don shower caps as a joke but i only had a pink satin one, so when i put it on, stacey almost crashed the car laughing, cause not only was i NOT ghetto, i looked like an escaped mental patient…actually, being chubby, with my 1950s glasses frames (my actual glasses) it was decided that i literally looked the wolf in grandma’s clothing…that was a fun night, all cause of shower caps and fabulous friends with ruthless senses of humor…wish i thought to take pics!!! never underestimate the power of the shower cap!

  2. BeeJay

    “More fashionale” :) I have to say though I´m always a bit shy to pull anything made of china plastic over my head, but have a soft spot for shower caps with tacky flower designs!