Fake Nougat

Submitted by shirlie williams April 12th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

I love fake food, this nougat was in a seaside sweet shop window, made from wood and then painted.I really like the Tutti Frutti look one at the front, it has such slap happy splodges . Durable, lasts all season and does not melt.

3 Responses to “Fake Nougat”

  1. denny

    Allee’s kitchen confuses me but that’s why I love being in that room at Willis Wonderland. Confusion can be a good thing, especially when it comes to deceiving people with plastic food items!

  2. shirlie williams

    Allee ,they were quite large about 4inches across. Im off to the coast in a couple of weeks so I will be looking for more treasures.