Masonic Palomino

Submitted by Markydoodle April 18th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

A friend of mine told me this week when I was in Bozeman that it “beats the shit out of Butte anyhow.”

Here’s a view of North Bozeman Avenue.  Wonderful business facades.  The Old West lives here.  The building on the far right is being rebuilt because it blowed up awhile back.  (No offense to the people of Bozeman, who are cool, and seem pretty bright overall.)

On closer inspection, we find the Gallatin Masonic Lodge #6 Building.  The horse out front appears to be rearing to climb the front of the building.

And, to my wonder, it’s also on a turntable.  Folks, it spins.  Sorry, no video.  Stay tuned.

3 Responses to “Masonic Palomino”

  1. Allee Willis

    Love this. Love that the horse is saluting the building. Usually these kind of rooftop sculptures have the figure facing out toward the street. But I love that the horse is hailing all that goes on inside the lodge.

    Really love the fake brick. This building is so in reverse. Usually, the pillars would be what was made out of concrete. To make them out of bricks is really nutty. Maybe that’s what the horse is so excited about.

    Love when Lodges are still in their original locations. Makes them seem so hallowed and important.

  2. Mark Milligan

    Thanks for the Certifikitsch Allee!
    The fact that the horse revolves on a turntable was what got me, but when I finally figured it out, I was racing to somewhere else and didn’t get it on video. Next time!