8 Responses to “Heebs Grocery”

  1. Allee Willis

    Is that the original Heebs building? Looks later than ’47. More early 60’sish.

    Can’t imagine there’s a lot of Jews in Bozeman. The name ‘Heebs’ is right on the edge (save for the extra ‘e’)!

  2. Mark Milligan

    According to a blog on Montana businesses, it was opened by Loren and Ernie Heeb in ’47, then moved to this location in ’64-so you’re right!

  3. manifestphil

    Ernie Heeb was the founding father of Heeb’s. He opened the store in 1947 and as Mark Milligan mentioned, it was moved and expanded to it’s current location in 1964.

    The store is now owned by Mitch and Sherri Bradley who you’ll often see in the store. They just launched a new website at http://heebsgrocery.com that has a full writeup on the store’s history and community ties.

  4. Mark Milligan

    manifest-do you live in Bozeman? I had breakfast at the Nova Cafe a couple months ago, the pancakes were fantastic. Ever eat there?

    Also a big fan of the white rotating horse on the Masonic Building on East Main. I got a picture of it, but didn’t get a video of it turning. Love Bozeman!

  5. manifestphil

    Hi Mark,

    Yep… I’m a native Bozemanite! :-) The Nova Café is definitely a favorite of mine as well. They used to have these sourdough pancakes that were incredible. Unfortunately they’ve taken them off the menu recently.

    The white, rotating horse on Main Street is certainly a big landmark. I remember that when I was a kid, it marked Powderhorn Sports. These days Bangtail Bicycle calls that storefront home.

    If you’re ever in Bozeman again, give the Cateye Café a try as well. Definitely a local gem! If you’re the kinda’ guy that likes a dive but wants to hang with locals, go find the Stockyard Café. It’s only open on weekends, and seats 150 people, 20 at a time!

  6. Mark Milligan

    I might be there in September, so thanks for the tips!
    The Stockyard Cafe-what does that mean it seats 150, 20 at a time? I will have an Angelino friend of mine with me, and they’ve only been to Montana once before: I want them to experience Bozeman, so that sounds like the place!

  7. manifestphil

    Hi Mark,

    Sorry for the pun. When I said The Stockyard Café seats 150 (20 at a time) I guess I just meant that it’s small. :-) Sure, it will accommodate 150 people, but there’s only seating for 20!

    A couple of other great places to check out are the Western Café and Montana Ale Works. Both are on East Main Street in Bozeman.