Are You Ready to Seder?

Submitted by windupkitty April 20th, 2011
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I didn’t make this on purpose…I was making a hat for a sock monkey and the mold I used was waaaaaaaaaaaay too big…AS usual, Caspar was slobbing around next to me, keeping the circulation in my leg going with his purring while I was planted on the couch sewing, so I put the hat on his head…He just sat there and purred away, completely unconcerned, so I took it off, cut out ear wells and put it back on him…..He didn’t care at all, so of course, I had to do the star and take a picture…..I’m not sure he aware all of this took place….Like most cats, he’s usually pretty tired, but then, like most cats, he works SO hard!

8 Responses to “Are You Ready to Seder?”

  1. windupkitty

    i love this boy…i’d write him love letters every day if he could read…i’m not sure about his age…he was around my place for about 4 years before he finally got so sick he let me catch him, so i’m guessing somewhere around 5 or 6? i try not to think about it….i dread the day i have to walk the planet without him…and yes, he would like a barmitzvah as long as it’s not noisy and there aren’t any vacuum cleaners or leaf blowers :)

    • shirlie williams

      I just love Caspar he is such a boy, and I am always thrilled to see pictures of him, I love the fact he just sat there in his own world and let you make the adjustments. I am very sad this week because my Luna my gorgeous tortoiseshell kitty was killed on the road behind our house on Tues morning. Caspars picture made me smile :)

  2. shirlie williams

    Thank you so much…I sat on the bench today, Karl buried her underneath, so we have Luna’s Bench, I am going to paint her name on it…