8 Responses to “Schlock Mansion: The Dark, Over-Decorated Home of Sam Septic”

  1. Allee Willis

    Ok, showing me shots of your thank God over-decorated house and matching friends and animals is a call for massive sedation on my part because there is sooooooooooooooooo much to look at!! I wouldn’t even know where to start and you know I’m going to ask you the inevitable favor of posting these items one by one. You could keep me happy for several years by doing so. Everything looks amazing! I’ve never seen so much chalkware in one place.

    I can’t even begin to pick out favorites. I know that’s how people get in my place. And I know how it is to be this passionate of a collector. I definitely need a walking tour through here. What city are you in?

    How big is your place? Are things scattered all over or are themes going on by room? And how long have you been collecting?

  2. samseptic

    Thank you Allee, for the Barking Seal of Approval! I love kitschy decor and started amassing it as a child. I’ll try to dig up some funny old pics—the 7th grade era 300+ food-shaped candles that later melted in an unseasonably warm summer in our unairconditioned house, about 1,000 sugar packets (later got wet and attacked by ants) and the wall of Wacky Packages stickers (rental–I’m sure the landlord loved that one). If it’s worth doing, it’s worth overdoing!

    There are collections and themes, but most are color-coordinated. There’s the Coral and Gray Room, Red and Black Hallway, Pink Bathroom, Skunk Bathroom (not pictured) Turquoise and Green Room, Yellow and Black Room, Tchotchke Kitchen, Stairway to Hell (not pictured) Also “Lady Area,” Meat Corner, and much, much more!

    My actual obsession is vintage jewelry–now THAT is OVERBOARD!

    Portland, Oregon! Come visit! I could give you a tour of several other Homes of Distinction that rival mine!

    It’s my half of a duplex I own with my mother, whose side is tastefully decorated. She thinks I have ruined the property value! Each side has 3 bedrooms, basement and lots and lots of wall space!

    • Allee Willis

      Love the image of you on one side and mom, more tasteful, on the other!

      I’ve only been to Portland once, when Intel was funding my building a social network in 1995. (DON’T ASK about that debacle…) I remember the town was full of artists. Haven’t been back tho. Might need a field trip!

      Would love to see close-ups of sooooooooooooo much of what you posted. Love the color themed rooms.

  3. windupkitty

    WOW! Some seriously detailed documentation is needed!!!! Fabulous pics though and it’s so nice to see people chillin’ in kitsch! I LOVE that kitty!!!!!