She also has a the matching tub and sink

Submitted by Anita DelRio April 20th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

This is the throne my mother-in-law’s upstairs bathroom.  It’s just as turquoise blue and the room is just as yellow as this cell phone photo alludes.   Usually there’s an extra roll of TP in the little knit top hat but just not right now.

6 Responses to “She also has a the matching tub and sink”

  1. Allee Willis

    You know I want to see the matching sink and tub!

    I swoon at any bathroom appliance that’s original but to have have all three- the matching turquoise toilet, sink and tub – is just too exciting to think about. And I can’t say enough about toilet paper cozies. I love that that one looks like a hat. I’m also really digging the bulbousness of the toilet seat and lid.

    How much other vintage stuff is in your mother-in-law’s house? if this is any indication, please get your camera out now!

  2. Michael Ely

    I love this turquoise toilet! How I wish they still made pink tubs and turquoise toilets like they once did, designer bathrooms with designer colored fixtures, not to forget the toilet paper that came in matching colors.

  3. Anita DelRio

    The bulbous (and I love that word, by the way and there are so few objects which truly fit it as nicely as this – good call, Allee) toilet seat is quite the comfy but solid retreat during long holiday visits.