3 Responses to “Scary Ride”

  1. denny

    Oh hell no. I used to LIVE for these rides but not anymore. I do still love the old fashioned roller coasters which is about the only ride I can go on now. When we lived in Florida and people would visit, they would almost always want to go to Universal Studios. I grew to despise that place. The last ride I went on was the thing that went up in the air and then dropped you. I threw up in my mouth when it dropped and never went on another ride.

  2. Mark Milligan

    I’m with Allee on this one, it’s “Sketchy-Looking-Death-Trap Ride!”
    A little like the crain games at the carnival and arcades where you put money in and try to pick up a prize, except in this one, the ride started full, and one by one, they’ve dissappeared.