Japanese Hygiene Product! Are your ears clean?

Submitted by denny April 29th, 2011
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I really don’t get this.  I’ll admit when I clean my ears I may take a quick peek after using my q-tip but why would any of us want to stick a sort of webcam in our ears?  This made me fall over laughing and I hope it has the same effect on anyone reading this post.  The following commentary was pulled from the website where I found this product:

“Cleaning one’s ears is really not as efficient as it could be. I mean – think about it. You take a cotton swab and just move it around your ear blindly, hoping to get all the dirt out. Enter the Japanese.  They invented a device that lets you clean your own ears while watching what you are doing. The product page seems to be no longer available, but TechTickerBlog reports that the price was 10500 Yen (64.32 Euro).”

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