What a Hat….The Crowning Glory of The Royal Wedding

Submitted by shirlie williams April 29th, 2011
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Princess Beatrice, daughter of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, graced the Royal Wedding with a truly splendid hat. Words again fail me. I can now remove my earplugs and return to sanity now it has just finished, but I will have this vision in millinary imprinted on my brain.

12 Responses to “What a Hat….The Crowning Glory of The Royal Wedding”

  1. shirlie williams

    Allee, I believe it was designed by Philip Treacy. Wendy my daughter and I watched it on tv here in our sitting room , Im sure the country was awash with many street parties and gatherings we certainly saw a few crazy outfits flick across the screen .

  2. suzette

    I know Robin Williams has had a difficult time staying sober, but how did he become a royal guard? I LOVE these girls, I ADORE their mum.. And I do so approve of their fine hats!!!!! THEY ROCK in a family of old brown shoes..

  3. denny

    I can’t believe you posted that crazy hat. I saw it the other day and sadi “Mmmm, this would be a good one for awmok”. That hat is nutty!

  4. BRBill

    That’s got to be the worst hat i’ve ever seen…and i thought my 28year old now really floppy Panama had was bad. Cute young lady though, i do like Fergie too just for stirrin up the royal pudding.

  5. k2dtw

    Love Andrew & Fergie’s girls…LOVED the wedding and the hats! Can’t wait for the KY Derby, and Mother’s Day… it’s the perfect storm for hats!!