Mysterious Wonder Mouse

Submitted by Michael Ely May 2nd, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

This is my Mysterious Wonder Mouse originally sold at carnivals and in front of shopping stores in the 1950’s. I bought this one from a man selling them in front of my local Woolworths store for 35 cents when I was a very little boy. Using a thin piece of thread attached under the mouse’s chin with a dot of wax and tied to a shirt button, you can create the illusion that the mouse is running up and down your arm when you move your other arm. You can also put the mouse in a glass and when you move the glass away from your body, the mouse will appear to come out. Once you master the movements, it really looks like the little mouse is moving on its own. Don’t know how I’ve managed to keep this little guy (complete with box, thread and wax) for nearly 50 years, but he is still with me.

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