Kitsch Booties

Submitted by Michael Ely May 4th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner
Recently our friends had a baby girl named Abigail and my partner’s sister (Diane) crocheted some kitschy booties for her. One is a pair of cowboy boots, one is a pair of Mary Janes (complete with socks rolled down) and one is a pair of tennis shoes. Diane can crochet just about anything from afghans and scarfs to hats and purses. The last photo is not kitsch, but I wanted to share it anyway. It is a beautiful afghan inspired by Indian colors that Diane made for us.

7 Responses to “Kitsch Booties”

  1. windupkitty

    Whoa! This is too much for me before coffee!! Does she make those booties in adult sizes because I would wear them everywhere!! The cowboy boots are just fabulous!!! That blanket is absolutely gorgeous too….I’m a long time collector of vintage Pendelton Blankets, shirts, hats etc….woweeee does she sell her blankets? love,love,love the first photo…now that’s where it’s all at…nothing better than that!:)

  2. Michael Ely

    Hi Windupkitty. I’m a huge fan of Pendelton blankets myself. Yes, Diane sells some of her work at a boutique store in Prescott, AZ. She also crochets for charities and makes scarves for the Special Olympics kids.

    • windupkitty

      oh wow, that is way too cool…I’m going to have to drop you an email to see about her blankets (I have someone in mind who would flip over them! that blanket is just gorgeous!)…How lovely that she makes scarves for the Special Olympics kids and other charities too…..I have deep respect for those who use their talents to spread love….that’s what really matters, in my opinion…sounding like a hippie, but ya know, love is where it’s at :) Little Abigail Snugglepants is so cute…just love her sleepy hand placement (is she doing the macarena or just vogue-ing?!)

  3. BRBill

    That’s a fine afghan Michael, i like that. I might have to make a very long roadtrip to Prescott and get one one of these daze.

  4. k2dtw

    Great post… Sweet Abigail is so adorable!! Love the beautiful booties, and that stunning afghan is to die for…