Chalkware Frog Bath-O-Meter

Submitted by Nessa May 12th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

I found this Chalkware Frog Bath-O-Meter at a rummage sale.  The baby frogs were 10 cents each, and way on the other side of the room, I found the momma frog for 25 cents.  Bargain price!  They’re dated 1972.  My grandma had a Swan set of these (which I posted earlier.)  I was so happy to find the frogs!

Though I think maybe that is a cigarette burn on the big frog’s neck?

Haha, Im sure this is the 1972 equivalent of hilarious.

2 Responses to “Chalkware Frog Bath-O-Meter”

  1. Allee Willis

    Excellent set. Beyond excellent price.

    I love vintage figural thermometers. Usually they were something like a poodle lounging in a bathtub or an elephant showering himself. I especially like the frog holding the umbrella to keep the heat away. And I’m completely crazy about the notches on the thermometer. I definitely would not like to be at the shiver and shrivel end and I really hate sweating so I’m glad the umbrella is there to cool down the temp. I think I’d like to be at “soak & sleep”.

    I agree it’s probably a cigarette burn on mama frog’s neck. Why on earth anyone would be that close to her to see whether they’re sweating, shriveling, or scraping and scouring is beyond me.

  2. suzette

    ohhh I love it! I have never sen anything like this before!!! And the cigarette burn is awesome!!!! Lounging in the tub with a Viceroy!