8 Responses to “Bowling Trophy Clock”

  1. Allee Willis

    Bowling trophies are the best, especially when combined with other objects like a clock or a lamp.  

    I have a huge bowling trophy collection, thugh none with clocks. I oftentimes use the bowling figures themselves as door or drawer handles.

    I love how uncentered and askew the name plate is.

    • cubakitten

      I’m honored to receive this award especially for my first submission to your museum.

      I’ve seen the pictures of your chest of drawers with various drawer pulls from trophy figures to car emblems. Definitely one of my favorite pieces.

      Can’t wait to start submitting more!

  2. denny

    Hi Cubakitten – I can’t stand it! I love this. Does the clock face piece move around at all? What year is this from?

    • cubakitten

      Hi Denny,
      Unfortunately the clock face piece doesn’t move around but, that would be amazing if it did!

      The clock is from 1958-59. The nameplate reads
      1st Place
      N. Carpenter

  3. BRBill

    It would be an interesting variation if the clock rotated on the base. By the looks of it, the whole thing seems to be askew and i think that’s intentional, interesting.

    • cubakitten

      I would love it even more if it did rotate. Haven’t seen one so far that does that but, I’ll keep my eye out!