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Lady M

Submitted by Markydoodle May 14th, 2011
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In front of the Montana Women’s Prison in Billings, Montana, is what I have dubbed “Lady M.”   I’m personally not a conneisseur  of women’s prison art, but nevertheless a striking pose.

I guess these guys are casing the joint, or hoping for a breakout.

4 Responses to “Lady M”

  1. Allee Willis

    I love Lady M.  How nice that the naughty ladies inside get such a regal sculpture greeting them. Though I wonder why they cut her off at the knees…? And what are the robes flowing from her arms? Also find it suprising, given that the height of the walkthrough sections of the sculpture are high enough, that they didn’t mount this closer to the building and put doors behind thrm.  That missed an obvious opportunity to me.

    Are those bright orange/yellow things banana clusters or flames?

    Its really a funny sculpture, awkward and sweet at the same time.

  2. Mark Milligan

    Of course, there’s a story behind everything.
    The artist says this about the sculpture:

    “The three arches of this project were designed to relate thematically and visually to each other with the theme of “strong, positive and feminine”. Separately each of these arches is dynamic enough to stand alone; however as a group the effect of the theme becomes more powerful.

    I felt that aside from the artistic strength of the arches, if they did not relate to the women of the prison, then I would have missed an important opportunity. To accomplish this I endeavored to engage and encourage involvement of the women with the project. Workshops, making inspirational name tiles and opportunities to work on the construction and be involved in decision making, have been my tools of engagement. I believe that the women have been engaged, involved and do relate to this art. I now pass the torch of ownership to the women of the prison and I ask them to pass the idea and spirit of this project on to future groups of women. To help in this process I have placed a record of this project in the prison library. As a man I have been proud to develop a strong feminine project and build a positive piece of art that speaks to women.”

    Chip Clawson September, 2005

    More on Mr. Clawson’s website: