Real People Tee Shirt

Submitted by Bob Ramsdell May 18th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

In the late ’70’s, there was a TV program called “Real People”. Some times, people would submit unusal signs. When I was on the coast in Oregon, I saw a sign by the sidewalk in front  a church which read “St. Andrews Church….No Parking….Violaters Will Be Baptised”.  I received this Tee shirt. The show was a 1979 George Schlatter Production and was hosted by Fred Willard, Mark Russell, Sarah Purcell and others.

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  1. Bob Ramsdell

    There was another reality show “That’s Incredible”. My mother’s cousin was on that show once. This cousin from Yuba City, CA raced trotters at CalExpo until she was 95 years old. Too bad they didn’t give tee shirts for that accomplishment. My great uncle bred trotters and would take them back to Saratoga to sell at the “Super Bowl” of trotters. I found this in an 1866 diary of his. He sold “Arab The California Wonder” for $38,000 and the buyer resold it for $40,000 the next day…..I wonder what the money would be in today’s money?