WHAT’S YOURS? Barware at a bargain!!! My all-time favorite $1.00 purchase.

Submitted by denny May 18th, 2011
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The weather was a bit nicer today and we piled in the truck, hit the dumps, visited a few thrift shops and came away with a nice little stash.  I stopped in to see Planet Joan (a fellow akitschionado) but she wasn’t at work today but I did find time to browse.  I wish I could make Ernie understand a little bit more about my excitement when I find certain kitsch like this drink identifier set!  I almost had a fit.  One thing he does get is my excitement, he loves to watch me plotz.  I plotzed today.  I saw this drink set with the tag turned over and said to myself, “crap, it’s probably a small fortune”.  I was wrong.  $1.00!!!!!!!!  I snatched this up so fast (along with my new scottish tam) and caused a bit of laughter on the part of the sales staff.  I’m a regular there so most of them know me.  Today was the second time I tried my hand at videotaping the experience.  That will appear in a separate post.

I still can’t believe this cost $1.00.  I never did like bourbon.

4 Responses to “WHAT’S YOURS? Barware at a bargain!!! My all-time favorite $1.00 purchase.”

  1. Allee Willis

    I have SO many of these.  I still pick them up whenever I see them because they are so wonderful.  But I’ve never been able to actually use them.  Even though I have several different makes of them the plastic used for the markers is so brittle they fly off the glass as soon as you slip it on.  Have you tried to use yours?


  2. windupkitty

    Wow, Score!!!! COngrats!! These are fabulous…I”d even be happy with just the box…anything with plastic glitter is alright by me!