Dusty & Skye Dolls

Submitted by Nessa May 20th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

Dusty, “The Fashion-Action Doll” was released by Kenner in 1974.  Denny posted a picture of her best friend, Skye, so I thought I would add pictures of my dolls too.

Here is Dusty and her best friend Skye.  These dolls do not hold up very well.  The soft plastic of their arms and legs tend to melt into the hard plastic of their bodies, ruining whatever clothes they are wearing and making them immobile.  There were several versions of them released in various action-themes.  I have a couple of Dusty dolls, but Skye is much rarer.  A friend gifted me this one a few years ago.  She is missing both a thumb, poor dear.

These dolls are widely considered “ugly” by collectors and they are difficult to dress because they are so large and muscular.  I think they are nice dolls though, they are well made and have interesting expressions.

I couldn’t find any pants to fit Dusty so I made her a pair.   Skye’s dress is homemade, too.

Here is a good website about Dusty doll:   http://www.thedolllounge.com/dusty/Dusty-Main-Page.html

I don’t have a picture of my other Dusty.  I think she is cuter because she has freckles and a suntan.

4 Responses to “Dusty & Skye Dolls”

  1. Allee Willis

    I love Dusty’s lonnnnnnnng neck and little bubble afro.

    I’m assuming Dusty is the darker one but what do I know? Love her dress. Although you say Dusty has freckles and a tan….

    Why were these two particulary “large and muscular”?

    Really like that you make the clothes!

    I never heard of soft plastic parts melting into their bodies and ruining their clothes. Excellent kitsch factor, tho not an optimum condition.

    • Nessa

      Dusty is the blonde doll, Skye is her “best friend,” and a lot more difficult to locate.

      The dolls were made to be “large and muscular” so they could look more sporty and less “girly” than your average Barbie dolls…they are taller and a LOT more butch, which is probably why they were such a big flop, they can’t wear any of Barbie’s clothes without splitting the seams! They have to borrow from Ken, haha. They did have some really cute custom outfits, though.

      I have never found a Dusty or a Skye that doesn’t have the melty disease, it is kind of funny because as the plastic melts, it sort of splooges out of their joints and looks like chewed gum or something.