Set of 4 colored desert or cocktail glasses – you be the judge!

Submitted by denny May 20th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

I found these at the dump “gift hut”.  They didn’t even make it to the shelves as I was lurking about.  I know most of the staff there and they are always full of laughs and some of them even get the concept of “kitsch”.  I have no idea what these little glasses would be used for but I am thinking they may be used for deserts or alcohol.  Not sure on this one.

5 Responses to “Set of 4 colored desert or cocktail glasses – you be the judge!”

  1. windupkitty

    i like these! yeah, i’m guessing juice glasses, but would be great for booze AND dessert…by that i mean both together…vanilla ice cream, pinch of coffee ground to a powder, pinch of ground dark chocolate or choco syrup, pinch of salt and pour rum over it (just float the whole thing!)…that’s what these are for….

  2. Nessa

    Denny, I can’t tell from the photo, but these look like Driftwood Casual, which was made by Seneca Glass in Morgantown, WV. I really can’t tell if they are actual Driftwood Casual or one of the many knockoffs without handling them. Driftwood was made from the 1950s – 1970s in many different colors. If they are actual Driftwood Casual they are very collectible.

    • Nessa

      Yes, no-seam would likely mean they are actual Driftwood Casual. Very pretty glassware, I have a ton of it between myself, my parents, and my grandmother (who used to work at Seneca Glass.)