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Large Transparent Mid Century Salad Bowl with Laminated Butterflies

Submitted by Michael M. May 20th, 2011
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This is my favorite salad bowl. It’s 21″X 5″. I spotted this oversized bowl at a flea market. At first I thought it was made of fiberglass, which was typical of that era. But because of the high-gloss shine,  it’s probably resin or molded plastic. The bowl contains preserved butterflies (real ones), multi-colored sequins, silver stars and glitter.  It came with matching servers.

10 Responses to “Large Transparent Mid Century Salad Bowl with Laminated Butterflies”

  1. Allee Willis

    I love, love, love these resin salad bowls. I have a huge collection of them, from gigantic ones down to individual serving sized ones. I especially like this flatter version that you have. I have two of them but none with butterflies embedded, let alone actual ones. I also really like the little round sequin like confetti mixed in with the glitter. And always excellent to have matching tongs. I have several sets but none of mine have the little stars in them. An excellent salad set!!

    I love the third shot with all the light coming through the bowl.

    Is is this your first resin salad bowl? if so, you’re gonna love it and a collection of sizes is in your future!

    • Michael M.

      Yes, it’s my first resin salad bowl. I’m not sure I like it specifically because it’s resin. I mostly like it for its enormous size.

  2. windupkitty

    i’ve never seen anything like this…wow, real butterflies…amazing…i love how there’s infinite glitter too….i would have died for the utensils alone!

  3. Michael M.

    Really? Funny, when I bought it, I knew the large size wasn’t typical, but I thought this kind of set was a dime a dozen. I’ve yet to see another one. Thanks, Nessa.