3 Responses to “Crochet Jumper”

  1. Allee Willis

    I love, love, love these old Instructional magazines. I have stacks of them in my little library.

    That mustard leotard bodysuit thing is the most scary thing about her outfit. No, I take that back. Wearing a potholder-hot pants-overalls fashion really wins the prize.

    I know every single thing in this magazine is astounding. I’m sure there were people who crocheted all 58 items and did the same every single month this magazine arrived.

  2. windupkitty

    love the Mondrian blanket! I want to meet the person who designed this jumpsuit…if you’re out there, please run for president! potholder hot pants! hahaahahahaha!!! why haven’t i ever worn my potholders before…good thing it’s only 8:30 at night…i got a few hours left to pull together an awesome outfit!

  3. windupkitty

    I just had to revisit this…..honestly couldn’t stop thinking about it…how did it ever come to be?!

    you think we could get kim jong il to ditch his cute little mechanics’ suit for a day and give this a whirl? i vote for this outfit as his and/or his son’s next uniform…maybe he’s so grouchy cause he just doesn’t feel pretty…