My Atomic Leg! (a new tattoo)

Submitted by denny May 21st, 2011
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This is a new “ink job” I had done today at “Spilt Milk Tattoo” in Hyannis, here on Cape Cod.  I’ve become quite friendly with the staff and we are all like a little family.  Mark Corliss (who owns the shop) is the man responsible for creating my japanese back piece.  The tattoo work you see here was created by myself and Taylor Lindley. Taylor did this ink job today.  I’ve always loved the atomic era and for the longest time wanted one to represent my love of that era.  This was the design I found and the rest is history!  You may not necessarily see it totally clearly but the colors here (from foot to calf) are as follows: mint green, yellow, red, green and pink.  I was flippin’ as it turned out quite beautifully.  I can tell oyu now I tolerated the foot pain better than I do when I get work done on my booty.  Once this heals Taylor plans on adding some little versions of what you see here.  We really wanted to knock this out as Taylor had some extra time.  I should have gotten this done out in LA and gotten a fold up bed next to Allee when she had her knee done as I have to keep my leg elevated!

Another shot, different angle.  I took these shots myself.  If any of you are in the Cape Cod area and want some work done, check out Spilt Milk in Hyannis.  Great staff and great ink!

11 Responses to “My Atomic Leg! (a new tattoo)”

  1. Allee Willis

    Very bold statement and a completely excellent Atomic leg!!!!!

    Now, of course, I can eat off your leg now that it has the pattern of my favorite Franciscan, made in California, dinnerware.

  2. denny

    I think we’re never to old to make a statement.

    You can eat off the other leg as well, that one is now totally atomic as well!

  3. windupkitty

    Franciscan is my favorite too…very,very favorite! Denny that is very brave of you(I’m too chicken to get a tatoo) and it looks fabulous! I remember seeing this on FB awhile ago….