4 Responses to “Peter Max – 1968-69 advertisement”

  1. Allee Willis

    What was this an ad for?

    Peter Max is about as famous an artist who ever came out of the 60’s. Even more than Andy Warhol back in the day though his stature didn’t last. Perhaps becasue he’s a legendary money whore and that quality really mangled his reputation. There was an unbelievable article in Vanity Fair or some magazine like that a couple of years ago about this. Unbelievable read if you can track it down.

    Max was one of the first artists, if not THE first, to put his images all over cups, calendars, etc. He saw me speak at a TED conference in the mid 90’s and wanted to make a deal with me to put my art on cups, calendars, etc. I don’t remember how the deal ‘petered’ out but it did. I was always leary of cool images selling out by being placed on such products, unless you designed the actual cup, calendar, etc. yourself.

    Although he deserves props for visualizing the mod/psychedellic era he’s beyond assembly line these days. Read that Vanity Fair piece.

  2. windupkitty

    wow yeah, he was the original art capitalist…i’m gonna look up that article…i’m so curious….who doesn’t have “peter max designed” crap around?

  3. Nessa

    Yes, I definitely have my share of “Peter Max Designed” crap, too… I think he did everything from paper disposable dresses to dinnerware and bedsheets. I am always up for buying some of that vintage junk if the price is right.