Still Life In Sneakers (inspired by Snappy-P and Allee Willis)

Submitted by denny May 31st, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

Snappy-P inspired my love (and obsession) of Converse All Slips and both Snappy-P and Allee have inspired me to explore color more and more and more and more…… I mean Snappy-P and Allee have both inspired me artistically but I had no idea these 2 ladies would also inspire my footwear. The solid colors are inspired by Snappy-P and the high tops represent Allee Willis. That’s right folks, “Still Life In Sneakers”.

11 Responses to “Still Life In Sneakers (inspired by Snappy-P and Allee Willis)”

  1. Allee Willis

    I’m most happy, as I’m sure Snappy P is, to have inspired such lovely creations on the feet. I want to see the hightops on the end of the middle row closer that look like they have comic book frames or something on them. I also like that you have two pairs of orange. I always have backups of my favorite colors and styles.

  2. denny

    I bought the high tops so fast (in Chinatown – LA) that I didn’t realize til later that they were Converse “knock-offs”. I retired those sneaks and they are now on the feet of the guy who owns the gym that I go to.

  3. windupkitty

    Oh man!! I am am a converse FANATIC!!! But, I refuse to wear anything produced by NIke (no offense, NIke Lovers, but NIke totally destroyed one of the all time greatest American designed and manufactured products). I have too many pairs of chuck and jacks to admit to publicly, but I will say that these days, they are the only shoes I wear and (hopefully!) if I live a long life, I won’t run out! Oh yeah…I even have a pair of chucks that are zebra striped and they glow in the dark…maybe I’ll post a few of the “best of”….

  4. denny

    Stop right there! I’ll tell you what I am DYING to get a hold of. I saw a pair of clear vinyl, high top Converse sneakers!!!!!! I was flipping out! It was the only time in my life that I wished I wore a size 8 sneaker. Converse, oh yeah.

    For all your converse needs, try

    They are now making Converse open toed sandal/flip flop/ type of shoe..

      • denny

        I saw them at a church thrift shop out here on the Cape. I think that’s where I spotted them. I clearly remember having a fit over them. Low cut ones on Zappos? I’ve been there and didn’t see them. What are they called so I can do a search for them? I’m tempted.