9 Responses to “Live Action Barbie 45rpm”

  1. Allee Willis

    I wasn’t so much a Barbie freak but I sure always went insane for those yellow plastic 45 inserts that made the hole in the middle of the record smaller. I don’t think I ever owned a full package of them so am very excited to see that included here.

    As far as the commercial goes, Live Action Barbie looks like she’s on amphetamines.

  2. Lisa Rios

    Oh my! That’s my Barbie! I mean, that was the first one my mom ever bought for me. The hippie Barbie. Wish I still had her. Loved her groovy attire and her wiggle.

  3. Billaurie

    @Allee: haha she did look crazy! She had really loose joints & the stage had a leg stand that shook one leg up & down really fast. @Lisa: this was my sister’s Barbie but I ended up with all of them anyway. I was notorious for taking them apart to see how they worked :-/

  4. Planet Joan

    I bought a barbie 45 in the 80’s that had” I’m happy I’m Barbie” on one side that was fun to torment people with.