Monkey With A Mohawk

Submitted by Michael Ely June 7th, 2011
Certifikitsch Winner

Hi everyone. Sorry I haven’t been around. First, our computer graphics card went south and had to be replaced, and then we lost our dear little dog Monkey. Some of you might remember Monkey from a past post playing with his favorite toy, a balloon! It happened so quick. Monkey was barely 6 years old, vibrant and full of life, then he got sick and within three days he was gone. We are heartbroken, and miss our baby.

I know this isn’t kitsch, but I wanted to share this photo of Monkey with a mohawk. He was quite a character!

Once again I am reminded how important it is that we all love our animals, partners, family and friends every day like it is the last, because sooner or later everyone slips away and sometimes it can be quick and unexpected. It’s all about living in the here and now and loving.

Anyway, I’m back on track and ready to enjoy life (and share some more kitsch). I’ve missed you all here at AWMOK!

11 Responses to “Monkey With A Mohawk”

  1. Allee Willis

    SO SO SO sorry to hear about Monkey. He was so young, and it happened so quickly. Were there any warning signs at all?

    Losing a pet is the WORST. They’re who spend all the time with you, true freinds and always there for you.

    His little mohawk was SO cute. Did he always have one?

    I lost a cat a few years ago from something as simple as a furball. It’s the last thing I ever thought would happen and when you have no time to prepare for losing them they’re the hardest ones to grieve.

      • Michael Ely

        Thank you, Allee, for your kind sympathy. I know we have all lost beloved animals and it’s never easy to say goodbye.

        Guess we are still a bit in shock as it happened so fast and there were no real warning signs. One day Monkey was fine, playful and full of life, and the next he became anemic, and the next day we rushed him to the vet, and the next morning he was gone. The vet believes a blood clot went to his heart following a needed blood transfusion.

        Monkey was part poodle with long, curly fur which we usually kept trimmed short, but occasionally we would let the fur grow longer atop his head and give him a hairdo such as a mohawk or an Afro. Wish you could have seen him with his Afro! He looked amazingly cool!

  2. Planet Joan

    I’m sorry for your loss. I can only say that he is sooo cute with his mohawk. Thanks for sharing the great picture.

  3. windupkitty

    Oh Michael, I am so,so,so sorry for you guys….Sending love so much love and comforting vibes…Lots of hugs too….welcome back…..REst Peacefully little Monkey….

    • Michael Ely

      Thank you so much. Yes, he was a handsome boy and I miss him with all my heart. I’d like to think that he is in doggie heaven showing off his mohawk to all the other doggies and kitties, having a great time with them.

      • k2dtw

        I know he’s a happy boy in doggie heaven.. They stay in our hearts forever, we had 2 cocker/poodle combos…the male was black and the little female was that copper red color..she always wore copper color pop-beads…smile They each lived 18yrs..I’m very sorry, I understand how much you miss Monkey, we were a wreck when we lost them.