11 Responses to “Nifty 50’s Hi-Fi”

  1. Allee Willis

    Beautiful! Looks like it’s in perfect shape.

    Does the record player play? Does the radio work? And what speed records does it play? 16, 33, 45, 78?

    Love the doggie head poking in. And is that a 1950s pink vase sitting on top of the stereo?

  2. audiophile559

    @Michael, Thank you. @Allee Works on all speeds w/original cartridge and a new/old stock stylus from ebay. The radio works as well save for a weak receiving tube I haven’t bothered to change yet due to the fact that I’m currently living in the rural Midwest and no broadcasts worth hearing other than npr once in a while. Bot the changer gets plenty of action with my Billie Holiday & Ella Fitzgerald records. And the vase is in fact 50’s pink, though I’m not sure it’s vintage. :o)

  3. windupkitty

    wow, so,so jealous here….how gorgeous! AND it works?! YOur’re killing me! That’s a nice doggie too…..Not quite NIpper, but still, an RCA should have a dog….

  4. BRBill

    I’m still kicking myself 20something years later for not taking my grandma’s console stereo out of her house when i had the chance after she passed. I did, however, take the candleabra off the fireplace mantle, much to my older sister’s chagrin, ahahahah….man, are those cool and do they look nice on my mantle.