Curved window, pedestal sink

Submitted by Billaurie June 10th, 2011
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This is the first CURVED GLASS sash window I’ve ever seen.   Note the stained glass transom on top.  It’s in the VFW hall which is a beautiful historic building in San Antonio.  The pedestal bathroom sink is also in this building

9 Responses to “Curved window, pedestal sink”

  1. Allee Willis

    I love VFW halls and I’m happy to hear that this one still has its vintage roots. Is most of it original or have they fussied (and screwed) it up over the years? Do you know when the building was built? And are there other historic businesses in there?

    The windows are fabulous. That’s when they used to spend money and time on such things.

    I love that sink! There was one in an apartment I used to live in in NY like that. So big and grand. 1930’s I think.

    • Billaurie

      A lot of the place is still original, some may have been updated for safety & maintenance purposes but there’s still a beautiful staircase & wraparound porch upstairs AND downstairs. I think there’s a little “bar” opened up in what may have been a parlor. They have a huge “ballroom” upstairs that they rent out for small parties like bridal showers or such. Still, the overall theme is honoring all the American Heroes, past & present. It’s a stunning building.